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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home improvement still going...

Yes, it is still happening. I've lost track of the days. Luckily we purchased a new matress set for the spare bed just before the project began so we are sleeping well despite not being in our own bed.

DH lost his tape measure and decided that he needed a break and offered to take me to a quilt shop about 50 miles away. Here I am in a major metro area and I had to drive 50 miles to find a Sewline marking pencil in a color other than white or graphite. It was a cute little shop w/ fun antiques, beautiful fabrics, and the owner even had a balloon for my son. Who, btw, bought as much fabric as I did! The shop doesn't cut FQs but has 1/2 yd cuts. Well, we each picked up 3 - actually one of his was a Maisie panel.

Then we stopped down the road for some ice cream and came on back home. DH borrowed a tape measure from the neighbor and he's back it - bless his little heart.

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  1. Kris - close to my heart because I'm a farm girl. My hubby farms about 1000 acres. Our farm is about 180 acres. I feel for you girl!

    Clermont farms is lovely! I am not a red, white, and blue gal but yow-yow I'm likin' this line. The fabrics really are very rich and fab.

    Thanks for you'd nice comment on my tutorial. You a sweet! Happy sewing. E-mail me a picture of what you make from Clermont farms. I'd love to see it!

    Hugs & stitches,


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