At Plum Loco Ranch, Door County, WI.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post - fair

We all survived our whirlwind trip to Indiana. Alec rode the ferris wheel for the first time and rode lost of other little rides. Then he begged to play games so we came home w/ an $8 doggie beanie baby and a $5 plastic sheriff set!

Saw some nice quilts but there's not enough room in the building to display them without folding them into at least thirds. Looked like there were 3-4 nice applique quilts but only the bottom few blocks were visible. My mom and step dad have been making race horse blankets and entered one. It was folded so small in a case that you couldn't tell what it was - I had to read the label.

To the survival part, well, the boys slept better than I did and I just came home from the doctor. Not a sinus infection but lots of inflammation. Time to take what the doctor calls "vitamin P" - prednisone. Not one of my faves but it beats antibiotics. Maybe I will fee like sewing again soon. Tomorrow will be a good day to greet my machine as there's another heat advisory in store for us here.

Stay Cool!

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