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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sewing table - art scraps - fabric order

So excited - the sewing table I ordered at Market through the kindness of my LQS owner is in! YEAH!!! I can't get it til tomorrow morning but I won't get to sew before then either. This afternoon is filled w/ doing an art project w/ my 3 year old. We're decorating w/ fabric scraps as string for his wind sock. At this age it's just wonderful how much time some glue, cotton balls and fabric string can take up. After DH gets home, then I'm off to yoga class.

Speaking of yoga, my order from arrived today. It was supposed to have 5 yds of "I Love Lucy" fabric - it had .5yds. I called and they're sending the 5 yd cut along. Why this reminds me of yoga is that I truly do not have project in mind. The fabric is the Lucy logo on black - something I couldn't find locally and I got online for $3.95/yd. One possible project is to use it to make the free yoga bag pattern on Amy Butler's site. Then I could combine two things that relax me when I'm stressed out - a little stretching and a little laughter.

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  1. Found out it's not a 5 yard cut but the equivalent broken down in to 3 cuts! Good thing I don't have a plan, huh?


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