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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giveaway winner - take 2!

Let's try this again, shall we?

Last week I chose two winners but one was a no-reply blogger who hasn't claimed her prize.  So, as I posted last week, it is time to let select another winner........

#37 - that's Nancy who said, "I'm now following 1Choice4Quilting too."  I just sent you an email.

On another front....I'm trying to get some work done, actual paying work this time, not house work (which I also need to do).  Very difficult to do at home and I don't have any alternative as our car is in the shop.  Yes - when it rains it pours - it is actually raining now, too!  Between our two paid off vehicles we've had some walloppin' repair bills in just 2 months.  Bye, bye vacation!

I prefer to pack the laptop and head to the library to work, one advantage to the metro area over farm life is that I have 3 from which to choose. But alas, can't go anywhere til DH gets home from work.  By that time - I'm done - I am definitely a morning person.

So....I've been doing some deep breathing and saying "OM - it will be alright."

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  1. Well the first winner certainly lost out. Congrats to Nancy!! I hope your car gets fixed soon so that you can get out and about. Love the pillow!! Remember.....breath!


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