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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stash report - week 18

Happy Mother's Day!

Hop over to this post and tell me what you are doing, or did, for Mother's Day and enter my 100th post giveaway.  At our house we are going to brunch and then to the nursery to buy some basil seeds, the easiest plants to raise from seed in my gardening experience, and some cherry tomato plants.  I may squeeze in some sewing, we'll see.  If DH makes some pina coladas, then I most likely will not operate the sewing machine!

I had to have root canal this week and having an aching mouth just made me want to lie down.  Forget about sewing or anything else -- just a nice soft pillow and some more Advil and Aleve (yes, I'm doing both!).

Yesterday was my birthday, we are pretty low key around here. We spent a family afternoon at Grant's Farm.  DH was ready to give me some sewing time but it was just too pretty to sit inside and sew.
 Here's what came in the mail - I won one of Pat Slaon's new book s on her blog hop last week and it came on just the right day!

About my Paducah purchases:  I got a yard of this Mrs Sew & Sew fabric (by RJR) and sent it to my mom in her Sweet Treat bag that I forgot to take a photo of before mailing.
A friend and I split the bag of bobbin washers, each taking 6, to see how we liked them.  They are supposed to help eliminate bird's nests and keep your bobbin running really smoothly for FMQ.  We were told that they should last for 80-100 hours of sewing. I'll have to let you know how they work once I try them.

On the right is an actual size paper piecing kit for a penguin - it finishes to 3.5x5.  Cute, huh?  It goes in my small kits drawer along with the coneflower and sunflower kits that I bought last year.  So, these little guys are someday projects but at least they're small ones.

By the time we got to the building with the batting vendors Fairfield had packed up all their samples for the next destination but Hobbs had their's marked down 50%.  These are two 18" squares of wool that I got for $1.  I usually like Warm & Natural cotton but it so heavy on my shoulder when quilting.  I want to see how the wool quilts up - it's still a natural fiber but it's weighs a lot less than the cotton.

Here's the only thing I did this week - a sewing pocket.  It used a whole FQ.

Here are this week's numbers:

Used this Week:  0.25 (1/4)
Used year to Date:  30.75 (30 3/4)
Added this Week:  0
Added Year to Date:  53.715
Net Used for 2011:   -22.875

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Your sewing pocket is beautiful!! I look forward to hearing what you think about the bobbin washers.

  2. Ohh the book looks so wonderful!

  3. I follow your blog because I too have a rural background (in Missouri) where I learned the value of simple and frugal living. Now I live in a small town just far enough out that I can enjoy the simple life yet close enough to the city that I can enjoy some of the unique offerings there! Quilting works.......wherever you live!


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