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Friday, May 6, 2011

A little project!

At Paducah last weekend I bought some 3/4" hexies from Paper Pieces.  I finally made one hexie flower using the free samples that they pass out at the show and really liked it.  Well, obviously, I needed a way to carry and store this little project.

I won this new magazine from Kathy Schmitz's blog.  It has great projects - a nice variety of small and large, crafts and quilts.

Here's my version of a simple sewing pocket from the magazine.  I grabbed a FQ and some decor bond and a few scraps and a short time later - voila! - a cute case for my hexies.  I did a little free motion embroidery on the applique to make them pop a bit.

A built-in needle case, too.

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This is post #100 - check back later for a celebratory giveaway!


  1. Hpw handy is your little case?! I love it!

    P.S. I see that you are from WI. So am I:) I grew up in Kenosha.

  2. Cute! Now get to making lots of Hexies!

  3. Oh, wow -- and you just whipped it up! That is really neat.

  4. What a great little sewing pocket!! Whoop whoop!!

    And congratulations on 100 posts!!

  5. I love your pocket with the needle case. congrats on your 100 posts.


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