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Friday, May 13, 2011

winners! ... let's try this again!

As you know, Blogger has been having problems since Wednesday.  Well, to fix the problem they removed some posts from Thursday morning , including the winners that I announced. Wondered why there weren't any comments coming in, especially from the winners!  I won't recreate the entire post b/c Blogger says the posts will be restored (we'll see).

Also....the giveaway was open until midnight Wednesday.  When I used the number generator yesterday morning, there were 129 comments.  Now there are 123.  Arrggh!!


The first winner was #124.  CountryMom, please send me your mailing address so I can get you package out to you.
(You see my frustration with blogger, believe me, some of the comments just went away with the maintenance issues.)

The second winner was #13. Stray Stitches said, "I am also a regular follower of Shawna's blog :)."

Congrats to our winners.  Hopefully we can do this again...when Blogger works!

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