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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost done cleaning (stash report week 51)


Well, my house is almost all clean, cleaner than it has been in a long time.  I've been climbing on the step ladder so much to reach and clean shelves and put up decorations that my knees hurt. DH took pity and cleaned the frig last night - I mean took everything out and washed it down while I went to the gym to regain my balance!  I think I will keep him!!!

Here's our first house guest, Kiko (in the foreground).  He's a labradoodle - we think with more "doodle" than "labra."  DH's sister and her family dropped him by on their way to Indiana.  They will be back here in a few days.

As you can see he and Ruby are about the same height.  They run and chase and play and Ruby reminds him that DS is her boy.  However, Kiko has a problem that I've never encountered in a dog - he's underweight!

We've gotten him to eat while he's here but we either have to feed him from our hand or drop his food on the floor.  We think it's his food bowl - so small it looks like a cat's dish.  We're going to try letting him use Ruby's bowl or a maybe a plate.

Yesterday we had DS's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.   The kids had Fun and I got to sit at the table and watch jackets and things - just to sit in one place for more than 5 minutes - it was so nice.

This week I had a fun package arrive.  Vanessa from Whirling Butterfly was my partner in the Holiday Fabric Swap at Leona's Quilting Adventure.  It was meant to be a little swap - 3 fat eighths of holiday fabric and some tea and/or chocolate.

Isn't that fabric pretty? In my big bag of scraps and 1/2 drawer of yardage, I don't have any like it.  See that chocolate bar? Well, I opened the package after I had been running errands and wanted a cup of coffee. So, I had chocolate with my coffee!  I love milk chocolate made in other counties, the formula is slightly different than it is here.

And Leona sent a Christmas card with a couple of eye spy squares in it. Thank you, Leona!

DS loved this fabric!

I have been too pooped to do anything in the evenings but Monday or Tuesday I still had energy to do one little hexie. Maybe next week I can make another - we'll see.

We still have all of our gifts to wrap and we both agreed that we were too tired to do it last night.

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 70.72
Added this Week: 0.125
Added Year to Date: 136.195
Net Used for 2011:   -65.475
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Have a great week!!


  1. Chuck E Cheese birthdays are great for Mom and Dad too, you don't have to figure out how to contain 10 kids full of energy.

    Have a great holiday with your guests!

  2. Yup, hubby is definitely a keeper :0) And, what a fun first house guest - hope you can get him to gain some weight during the visit! What a fun birthday for your son - I love that picture :o) - and sweet treats, too! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


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