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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's quiet....

We are in between guests atm so here I am on the computer, feet propped up and the news on.  DS is still asleep and may be for a few more hours.  He had a ball with his cousins the past two days.

It's been a tough 2 days b/c DH got sick.  All plans really hinge on the two of us playing host.  He was sidelined by an ear infection with pain so bad that we had to go to the urgent care center Tuesday morning.  He then spent the whole day in bed.  The crockpot was full but gifts had to be wrapped, a few groceries picked up, bread baked... I think I brushed my teeth around noon!

He was still in bed all day yesterday while we were all out being tourists at the St. Louis Science Center and going up in the Arch.  Now he's up and seems to be better this morning now that SIL and her family, including Kiko the dog, are on the road home.

I'm pooped and have shoulder pain that I am sure is totally stress-related. I don't even have any photos to show you - didn't even think of grabbing the camera - no time.  My plans today include a yoga class this evening and maybe even some time in the hot tub at the gym!

How are your holiday plans going?

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  1. About like yours. :) I'm taking a break, have shoulder pain from stress, but all presents are wrapped so that's a plus! blessings, marlene


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