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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday wrap up (last 2011 stash report)

I must apologize for being MIA.  The week of Christmas took it out of me: cleaning the house, DS's birthday party, arrival of in-laws, arrival of SIL's family, arrival of my mom....all while poor ol' DH was under the weather in bed for 2 days and then sluggish, well, he's still that way.  Ugghh!

After my in-laws left on Monday morning, I had hoped to get some time to decompress.  And I did to a degree.  However, DH spent Monday in bed so I took DS to Target.

DS had been fascinated by the nutcrackers so he bought one himself with some of the birthday and Christmas money while they were on sale. There were only a few left, luckily one of them was green, his favorite color.

I told you how I had to rearrange the house for the holidays.  Well, now that they are over, it has to be put back - another uggh!  Of course, I started with my sewing area.  I figure DH can take care of the rest - after I remind him of it a few times, of course.

From this:

I got two more GO! dies as gifts - a 3.5" square and 4.5" hst. We had a little cutting demo on Sunday.

Everything is crammed under the window and stacked on top of my cabinet, which is behind the table.

To this, so far:

The design wall is back up and I've decided to do a quick quilt with my Aunt Caroline's embroidery blocks for our guild's quilt show in March.  The blocks aren't completely spot free.  A soak in OxiClean helped tremendously but there are still a few brown spots here and there. Any advice on getting rid of the last brown spots?

So, I bought 2 yards of brown floral, which I'm sure is too much, for sashing and binding and 1/4 yd of green for cornerstones.

Can't let those LQS coupons go to waste!

There's my Dresden plate, too.  Need to quilt that for the show as well.

I realized last week that I do not have a holiday table runner for my little credenza behind the sofa.  So, the snow man panel would work nicely for a quickie table runner.

I even cut some fabric for my last Civil War BOM blocks for the guild.  I just might get a machine out and sew those together this afternoon.

Here's the biggy  ---  my mom brought more of that fabric with her, that she bought at an estate sale.  I just took most of it and may use a few pieces to make some drawstring bags for DS's new marbles, a geometric building set, and his dice.

In toto, there are about 29.5 yards!  At least I didn't buy it, right?  I intend to cut up what won't work for backings or bags and then give it away.

Once I looked at it all I've found that one large piece is 65% poly and has some flaws.  Two of the prints are actually home dec weight and width - good bag candidates.  Two more of the florals are sheets.  There's almost 8 yards of the brown floral on the right, which would be perfect for a queen size back.

Remember what I said about the LQS coupons?  I think part of my decompression activities will be to go get 10 FQs for $15 this week.  What's 3 more yards, right?! Stash reports start with a clean slate on Sunday.

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 70.72
Added this Week: 31.75
Added Year to Date: 167.945
Net Used for 2011:   -97.225
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