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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tried something new...

I finally tried a bit of the wool batting that I have had lying around the house since purchasing it at last year's Black Friday sale at Joanns.  Well, actually I used one of the 18" square samples that I bought in Paducah at the Hobbs booth.

This pretty pillow top measured 16.5" before quilting.  The blocks were made by quilty friend Joyce - aren't they pretty?  They are leftovers from a pattern that used charm squares and turnovers.

I love the feel of the wool - talk about light!  What a nice difference from the weight of 100% cotton Warm & Natural.  I have 4 yards waiting to go into our first bed size quilt which will be backed in flannel, another reason to love the weight difference.

This is the first time I used the waffle muslin from Joanns.  I have always wanted to try it and I'm glad I did on a small project.  It won't be going on the back of my quilts.

The pillow is also the first time I've done free motion meandering without a template.  Yes, there are templates and I am quite attached to my templates. The pretty little rose is from a template that should be in every beginning free motion quilter's library.

I've spent my day selling old toddler toys at the children's resale shop and then buying a shirt and sweater vest for DS's birthday pictures tomorrow.  I paid 57 cents!  Then off to Target for a pair of black dress shoes (there were none at the resale shop).  As soon as I take a break, then it's off to the sewing machine to hem DS's black pants.  Really, I'm not usually so unprepared!

I am linking up with Happy Quilting for TNT Thursday.  Check out the cute bag tutorial while you're there.



  1. your free motion looks awesome!! Way to go!!

  2. Very nice pillow made from your scraps! Love it! I love wool batting too!

  3. Your pillow looks great and so does your free motion quilting! I have never used wool batting but it sounds like you really liked it. What is waffle muslin?

  4. I'm with you - wool batting is awesome! blessings, marlene

  5. Your pillow looks great. I'll have to try wool batting. BTW, your meander looks nice too! :)


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