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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A busy week...(stash report week 50)

Cleaning has been the word in our house.  For the first time in two years we are having all of our family, on two different days, in next week for Christmas.  Since we don't live near any of our family - the closest are 4 hours away, everyone stays overnight.  We go from no guests to 24 hour guests for 7 days - quite an adjustment!

I knew I needed to clean the kitchen and since I was busy this spring with a consulting job, spring cleaning did not happen.  When I looked around the room I noticed how dusty everything was that was on top of the cabinets.  In our little house, with no dining room, that is the only place I have to display anything (doesn't seem so little now that I'm in cleaning mode).  So yesterday I climbed on top of the countertop and cleaned everything.  Rearranged a few of the top cabinets while I was up there. Boy! did my legs and knees ache last night.

Oh yeah - and there are now 2 pans of lasagna in the freezer.  Loving my freezer!! Gonna put a couple quiche in there today.

I posted about my guild's Christmas party on Tuesday.  Once again, here are the blocks in the groups as I arranged them for our lottery drawing.

I failed to take my camera to the meeting.  They looked much prettier hanging in the meeting room pinned onto the big pieces of background fabric that went with each group.

...and the final group.

Here is one of the finished Green Bag Lady bags that I made for our winners to carry their loot in.  I counted this fabric "out" last week.

Here are my Civil War blocks for our BOM program.

While eating my dessert, I noticed that my block didn't look like the other four hanging on the board.  See it, top right?

Our BOM coordinator didn't notice either.  Oops! - so I decided I would have to get it back from whoever own the block and fix it for her.

Well, I won the blocks!

Then, I won the Civil War FQ!

Then our president handed those of us on committees a little gift - scissors.  Aren't they cute?

Let me explain, we have two BOM drawings.  One for people who make a block from fabric of their choice which they will keep.  The other for members who made a block out of CW fabric and wish to put in the "pot" to win more blocks.  I've been entering both this year.

After all the drawings, we played a sewing trivia game.  Do you know who invented the sewing machine?  Well, luckily we had one of the guild's founders at our table who was also a whiz at trivia.

We answered 20 out of 24 questions correctly and each won a FQ.  Each table was decorated with rolls of 12" fabric squares that we could take home, too.  Surprised that I selected the batiks?

Today I pack up my Viking that I use for quilting so that it can go in for an overdue cleaning.  What are your plans for today?

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 70.72
Added this Week: 0.5
Added Year to Date: 136.07
Net Used for 2011:   -65.35
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Have a great week!!


  1. Congrats on all the winnings! Very fun stuff going on with your Guild.

    Enjoy the visit from your family. Hopefully the deep cleaning will last a while and you'll be able to sew once the holiday is over.

  2. Those blocks are so beautiful even just hanging on the design wall! Hope you are done cleaning, have fun with all your guests and I bet you won't be quilting! When I first read it I thought you were going to have 24 guests for 7 days! LOL!

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Hope the rest of the cleaning goes well. Having company is always a nice motivation to get lots of organization done.


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