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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A busy little elf.


It has been a busy, busy, busy morning in my basement sewing corner.  Our guild's Christmas party is tonight - and I still need to get my appetizer in the crock pot (love my crockpot, check out A Year of Slow Cooking).

I had to get the holidays blocks grouped together for the big drawing tonight.  We had about 24 members turn in one or more blocks for a total of 29.  I put them into 3 groups and each winner will get an equal share of the remaining background fabric, 2.3 yards each.

Here's 9 blocks that work on-point.

Sorry for the picture quality. It's cloudy so my basement windows are no help today.  Although, we did get some teensy snowflakes - hurray!

Here's the first group of 10.

Here's the second group of 10.

Remember all that fabric my mom bought at an estate sale?  Well, I finished making 4 Green Bag Lady shopping bags today.  I thought these 3 could go to our winners tonight so they would have something to carry their spoils in.

Just in case they would like to make some of their own.

It's only been 2 weeks since our last guild meeting so tonight kind of snuck up on me.  Last night I put together my Civil War BOM blocks.  This is one is called Yankee Puzzle.

I almost forgot to share my latest win. These variety packs came from an Aurifil Facebook giveaway.  I guessed that one of their 20 boxes was empty and they sent these as a "consolation" prize.  Some consolation, huh?!

Tomorrow I must focus on cleaning the house and taking my machines in for a good cleaning!


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  1. Have fun at your guild Christmas party! Between all of your sewing and partying, sounds like you're going to need a nap tomorrow!


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